macd indictor lags, is there software that doesnt

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by qwert, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Not true, what you DON'T stare at (ie taking something off your screen) can be just as helpful as telling someone to add something. It depends on how you view my statement.

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  2. OK, fair enough. But telling someone never to drive drunk does not teach them how to operate an automobile.
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  3. Well, if you notice the OP has been a member of ET ~5 1/2 years (according to his sign up date) and if he's still having trouble with lagging indicators, he should probably lose them and just focus on PA.

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  4. My advice is more akin to telling him to stare out the windshield with his own eyes while attemtping to drive rather than having his eyes closed and a passenger verbally telling him what to do (ie hit gas harder, swerve now, break!!) :)

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  5. Jurik's stuff is expensive.

    Just make your own with Zero Lag EMA (ZLEMA?) and/or Hull MAs. The formulas for those are free.

    btw, qwert, everyone is going to tell you that indicators lag "because they're based on historical data." That's true for most indicators. Obviously there are no indicators that predict the future. You will probably go through a period where you try every indicator, and then make your own, and then start modifying them, and then come up with non-standard uses (that are better than the traditional uses, lol), and all the meanwhile you will be reading posts from people telling you to "learn about price action" but no one will explain it more than that so you're like "wtf is price action?". Trust me. I'm still in that stage right now :D Supposedly all the billionaires on ET don't use any indicators at all but I haven't figured out how that works yet. Good luck!
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  6. wata


    Paul Rotter uses CCI and seems to do ok

    From interview with Paul Rotter

    Q: what timeframes are you using on your charts?
    A: usually 5 - 30 min charts for trendlines and indicators. i prefer p&f charts because they give me a clearer view on patterns (triple tops). for indicators i like the CCI because it also shows the volatility of the markets
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  7. It ain't the software. MACD is a derivative of price moving avgs. The larger you make the lengths, the longer the lag will be.

    Price action using market structure works. Indicators can too. Mix-n-match.
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    It might help to know the macd inventor Gerald Appel recommended different parameters for buying and selling: 8-17-9 to generate buy signals and 12-25-9 to generate sell signals. You might want to experiment with those or shorter parameters to reduce lag.
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    Hull's MA overshoots, Jurik's MA doesn't. Dunno about ZLEMA.
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    I tend to agree with Swordsman. All price and trend indicators lag. To short a setting and you will get a false start and plenty of whip-saw, to long a setting and you will miss the boat. I only use Volume based indicators and only for sorting or scaning a large watchlist of charts.

    Knowing where price is in relation to critical levels and how volume is reacting is all one needs for good analysis.
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