macd indictor lags, is there software that doesnt

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    You think?

    Are you saying I can't predict the future?

    Your statement is redundant. I would not try to engage in that kind
    of discussion unless somebody pays me to "talk" about it or trading is
    not my primary income.

    I trade off 'historical price action' only. I like my pnl.

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    Volume is after the fact (price) are you speaking of DOM Volume, if so what indicator is used with this

    I would not think any trading related to DOM would be a good idea due to the number of orders cancelled and others placed just for show.
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    Bathrobe I see your point. A good friend of mine also sees this your way. - A price is set to creat a market or bids and the price will rise or fall based on supply and demand. This is a very slippery slope in my opinion. It is sort of like the chicken or the egg. I would like to say that there is a definitive answere to this but the truth is that I have read and experienced support for both arguments.

    My point is that it is my belief that if you are to trust a price move one way or the other then volume is at the very heart of the engine that will sustain the move. I am a tape watcher and when I see large share lots being moved around in an almost systematic pattern then I start to look at the stock with more scrutiny. In most cases these volume anomolies lead to a price move (not always imediate). Ones opinion is based off their experiences and it has been mine that after many years of personal research and putting my money where my theories take me that it is by following the volume and indicators based on exposing accumulation that have led me to profits.

    I use all time frames to look for increasing volume. Monthly, Weekly are the best.

    My statments are only meant as my opinions and experiences. We all have our own and if you are making steady profits then of course you are not wrong.
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    rofl - I agree more or less.
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  7. ignore this poster's statement. Has a serious case of nonreality!!!

    Seriously, you need to let go of your beliefs and start learning what works!!

    There are NOT as many studies for as against. After adjusting for all trading costs, TA has little value. And some studies that showed TA value, were guilty of data snooping nad wishful thinking. TA has been heavily tested, and does NOT work.

    As for your "coincidence" about Fib, studies have also dismissed fib or round numbers. They are no more useful than any other level.

    You are seeing things that you want to see.

    If it is their "edge",TA will make everyone poor eventually

    Why do you think most people use TA and most people lose their money?????????????????????????
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    Most people lose their money because they do not understand or properly apply sound TA.

    Of course most people lose money in the markets that is how it has always been and that is how it always will be. That has nothing to do with Technical analysis. You speak in broad terms but show nothing to focus your point. You think that a study that you downloaded from the net is all you are going to need to enlighten anyone.

    I find it easy to take profits from the markets because I follow strict rules based not only on Technical Analysis but good money managment, risk vs reward capital alocation and controling the evils of greed and fear (not eliminatating them).

    Most of my income is derived from trading full time, So you can can rant and rave all that you please, I know that Technical Analysis works and I have been proving it every day for a long time now.
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  9. Studies about TA:

    If I found that TA is useless I will publish it.

    If I found real advantage in it I will use it for trading. /at the moment when I will publish it the edge will vanish for sure/

    I am scientist in something else like trading. I published hundreds of articles during my life.

    Openly telling the only real discovery that I found during my life remains unpublished - simple because it makes "edge" for those are using it against competitors in one mini part of industry. I sold it.
    I am less known between few dozen scientists from same branch around the world but I purchased luxus house for it.
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  10. Evidence be damned!!!! Ptolemy's Edge:


    Time to put this newbie on Ignore!!!
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