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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by JSSPMK, May 26, 2007.

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    I wil post charts pointing formations in MACD 2 minute chart that I like to give preference to, ie I will be looking for 2-3 lowering peaks and 2-3 rising lows both followed by a 0 line cross that would point to an entry. Histogram has to also show either lowering peaks or rising lows. Stop will always be below LOD or above HOD.

    Allaces please try and stay cool :)
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    JSS ... What are your MACD settings?


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    yes, but there are differences. I am interested in seeing certain build ups prior to entry, that also reduces the amount of trades taken leading to substantial commission reductions especially if you can afford to trade size. Some will argue that opportunities will be missed when NOT going for all MA/0 line crosses, although it is true, I feel that you will never be able to win them all anyway, I would still like to see more of a build up as IMO over time the win/loss ratio is healthier.

    BTW anyone is welcome to post their views on either my charts or post their own.
  6. Heres the question from me... that was a pretty nice short setup by itself without the use of MACD.

    Is there a reason for your use of MACD, especially in such cases where the entry is obvious?


    Being a fan of price action I know exactly what you are saying, all I can add here is that when price action is confirmed by an indicator pattern, makes it even more obvious, wouldn't you say?
  8. I've been trading T28's "SPM" for over a year now and I am still
    here, to talk about it...

    I've tweaked the basic system, just a bit... but no big deal.

    The basic system that T28 gave us is a great little system.
    You just need to learn how to trade it. Here is what I have done.

    1). YM "Mini Dow, $5.00 a point".
    2). Macd 12-26-9.
    3). 3SMA + 2 early entry (are you above the line or below it)?
    4). Bollinger Bands 10, 1 s/d.

    When the price bars break below/above the bollinger bands
    I start watching very closely for the perfect trade.

    The perfect trade is...price bar break below/above bollinger
    bands. The Macd is crossing the zero line. Jump on it with
    both feet. If the market turns against you (5 ym points) sell out.
    If market is moving in your direction, take it for a ride.

    Trader28, gave us a great little system (Simple Profitable Method)
    and I learned a great deal about trading from him. In my opinion
    you should listen to him and his words of wisdom very carefully!

    Trader28 has made me "Thousands Of Dollars" ($$$) What is that
    worth to you? Maybe, you should listen to him and learn his system? But that's just my opinion and everyone knows that I'm just but a humble pirate! But "booty is booty"...



    MACD has been used for many years prior to T28 posting it on ET if it was new to you Snarly then you probably knew little of MACD at the time you started reading the SPM thread, MA crossovers, 0 line crossovers, divergences, etc. I am not going to knock Allaces (T28) because he tried to show the light to people pretty new to daytrading, but there are quite a few ways to implement MACD, you said it yourself you had to do some tweaking, did you not?

    BTW SPM has started about 8 months ago Snarly
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    I am a fan of 2-3 rising lows/lower peaks, just as on the attached chart, but intraday.
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