MacBookProHo = lawrence-lugar aka lawrence-loser

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  1. MacBookProHo = lawrence-lugar aka lawrence-loser

    Stop humoring the fucktard, delusional fantasist, loser. LOL

    He can't even trade his own middle-aged 40+ yo ass out of his parents spare bedroom.
    Still sucking on his mom's teats at age 40 (leeching off free benefits from parents) instead of making his own way in the world

    Without their largesse he'd be living under a bridge. LOL

    40+ yo virgin loser with rape fantasies, public masturbation.
    Mental issues, result of being a perennial loser up til now (middle age):

    Works at Walmart or Target or some menial job while being a delusional fantasist about his pretend trading 'exploits'

    Ask him his progress/achievement since 2015 (lawrence-lugar join date): $0

    All this big bravado fantasy talk is psychological:

    1/ narcissist, anyone can claim anything on the innernet.
    On the innernet empty cans make the most noise.
    Only the loudest get heard.
    Loudest baby gets fed first.

    In a physical trading room where everyone's PnL is visible he wouldn't have a voice. Losers/marginal traders are ignored, he'd be chin-checked for being a loudmouth mofo.
    He would soon learn to STFU.

    Loves the attention - good & bad - of being a big shot on ET

    2/ All this big talk is also to bolster his own fragile ego.
    Fake it until you make it.
    He will turn the corner...eventually...

    3/ Mental issues as result of being a middle-aged loser, having no money & unlikely to ever come into money...while watching helplessly large price movements daily, thinking 'if only I bot here, sold there..."
    Easy peasy, repeat. $$$
    (all losing traders eventually have some degree of mental wellbeing issues)

    I will cuck the basturd until he leaves once again to respawn into another ID

    Just ignore the fuckin troll

    Fuck him
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  2. Overnight


    This is an interesting conundrum. I've seen Lawrence-luger's nick here before, a long time ago. You claim he is now MacBookHo.

    Yet I have NEVER seen YOUR nick here before, running bare, so who were YOU in the past to know that LLuger is now MacHo?
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  3. Millionaire


    The above writing style by lawrence-lugar in his last post, using "--" and "..." both together in the same posting, is an exact match for the style used by MacBookProHo (below) in almost all his posts. eg:

    So I agree, almost 100% probability that they are the same poster.

    Even his creepy tweets use same style:

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  4. Haven't seen his posts in a long time... because he instantly qualified for my ignore list (or he ignored me, cannot remember). :D Also seems appropriate given info collected by OP. ET has a fair number of nutjobs, but then again that is part of what makes this site fun.
  5. Millionaire


    Is he gone?
  6. vanzandt


    Lol... you're right!
    I didn't see this thread, but I was just reading one of his (MacBook's) posts and there it was....
    I looked to see if it was just a coincidence.

    What was LL's favorite saying?
    "Part art, part science".

    And here ya go:

    Lawrence is back.
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