MAC vs Windows?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by janko, Jun 27, 2002.

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    I dont know about you guys but these new commercials mac vs windows are pretty fun to watch. kinda interesting the way apple is hitting windows - blue screen of death, funny stuff. Kinda makes me wonder is apple gonna get a few rounds from windows and maybe whoop some a$$ ??? I know sofy is a giant but still, apple might have something here. any thoughts?
  2. for running trading software or in general???
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    jsut in general, i guess im curious to see if people will somehow say hmm, maybe there is something to the macs and do the swithc. I know softy is huge and its unlikely to get majority converting but who knows.
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    The Mac OS/10.0 is the first 32-bit kernel stable operating system they've had. Prior to that their crap was on the level of Windows 95/98/Me. In contrast Windows has been stable for over 6 yrs starting with NT (which alot of people still use). And, of course, both Win2000 and XP use the same 32-bit kernel based on NT technology. But Apple is good at marketing so it should be fun to watch.
  5. getting a linux-based OS was the only smart thing apple's done in maybe 5 years (following the iMAC intro back in like 98)...their stubbornness (is that a word??) to adapt to the world around them has been their biggest problem. by refusing to do anything anyway but their own the company has basically shot themselves in the foot. for me there's never been an issue between PC and Mac - do I want to spend half as much on a PC and get a more stable, fast, upgradable, machine that has tons of software written for it, or do i want to spend twice as much and not be able to run any software?
  6. LOL....they should drop MacIntosh and rename it MAC-donald's....
  7. Well I have a Mac G4 running OS 10 sitting right next to my P4 running Win2k. the Mac OS is FAR more stable than the windows machine, and the integration between the Mac OS and hardware, the superior security, and far more cohesive API and software integration put the Win2K box to shame. I spend countless hours each month just maintaining drivers, security patches, and software updates - then have to reconcile the inevitable conflicts that arise on the P4. Apple HW and the OS X are a generation and a half ahead of the Wintel world. Of course the reason I have the P4 is obvious - the SW I need doesn't yet exist for the Mac. If it did - I'd abandon Wintel for good, no question about it.
  8. I was a mac person a long time ago, pre windows 98. I have also worked in IT on mostly microsoft technology. Windows NT 4.0 was stable only after service pack 3, which means that a lot of people suffered with it for a long time before they got it right. Windows 2000 was great after service pack 1 come out and I still like windows 2000. Windows XP is ok but not a revolution in any sense. The basis for the MAC OSX is a modified version of Free BSD Unix which has been debugged for a long long time and is therefore very stable, but it is still UNIX and therefore nothing revolutionary. It is a matter of taste and budget in my opinion. I am sticking with XP until there is truly a practical reason to switch. There is nothing that can be done on a MAC that can't also be done on windows. Windows machines are cheaper and they get the job done.
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    not to be picky, but the MAC OSX is base on FreeBSD UNIX, not Linux, they have different kernel codes. And Mac actually are always ahead of PC in terms of having the most advance stuff like firewires, bluetooth, wireless LAN (airport), etc...with PC, often they are not built in and have to shell out more money to have them which bring their cost up...but I do agree that software for Mac is not as ubiquitous as PC in general, I don't even think trading software are available for Macs at all...they are geared toward a niche, mostly designers which explain why their "outside" look so good, like the iMacs looking like Steve Job's PIXAR if you are going for multimedia like making DVDs and creating movies, go with Mac...if you are going to trade, get a Dell dual-P4 with Windows 2000 Professional