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    Gotta love the new Mac vs PC ads for their celebration of utter lack of wit and sheer banality: The young thin casually-dressed dude with lotsa hair and the oh-so-hip 'tude - MacDaddy! Vs the PC, stodgy & thick, receding hairline, glasses, suit & tie, lovable goofball, and oh, did I mention, OLDER? Ow.

    How fucking obvious can you get?

  2. Arnie


    Too bad Mr Jobs doesn't have the business acumen of Bill Gates.
    If he did we'd all be using Mac's. :D
  3. For me, building/buying a computer is the same as buying a car. Bang for your buck. I can't build 1/2 the system on an AMD platform that I can build on an Intel platform for the same price. Some people argue that the AMD products are higher quality, but I can buy replacement parts for my PC for much less than the cost of the original AMD parts.
  4. I have to take issue with your post... computers built with AMD processors are not Macs. AMD makes x86-compatible processors and is Intel's #1 competitor in providing processors for the PC market. I would argue that one could build a PC that provides more bang for less buck choosing AMD over Intel.

    As for the PC vs. Mac debate... PC, no doubt.
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    Currently, out of curiosity I tried to look up how much was the cheapest Mac. I think I saw one for $500 but it had only 256 MB.

    Now you can buy a Dell for $300 with 512 MB. So unless I am mistaken you can buy 2 PCs for the price of 1 Mac...
  6. which replacement parts?
  7. Yeah, and you get two cheeseburgers for the price of a good souvlaki.

    What was that old chestnut about rolls royce-"every part that falls off, is made to the highest standards of british engineering........" or was it bentley?
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    Macs suck. And Linsux sucks even more.
  9. Are you an accountant or a lawyer?