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  1. Can anyone recommend a comparable software to Tradestation for a Mac? I currently use it through Fusion, but I just do not like Windows. It is slow.

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    I played with Investor/RT but frankly its interface left much to be desired and was not intuitive for this geek at all.

    I'm a Mac guy myself and while I loathe Windows, likely will trade on it via VMWare --- either TS or something broker-specific such as the rather nifty software from open Ecry.
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    Investor RT at was originally developed for the Mac and runs well on that platform. A great system with good support from Mac folks.
  5. Will check it out. Thanks.
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    You might give QST a try. The current release does not support custom programmed indicators, but you will otherwise find the charts are similar to TS. QST gets its data directly from the exchanges, so the speed and reliability is very good.

    You can sign up for a free 2-week trial here:

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  8. IB's trading platform is Java based and runs on a Mac just fine.
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    Ditto for the thinkorswim platform. Given that the tos platform includes every indicator know to man plus a script for making up new ones, and real time data, why would you want to buy a standalone package for mac?
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    To update and complete this thread, let me add one of the latest Mac application: SystemTrader, which you can find at

    Some of its features:
    - Technical analysis
    - Custom indicators
    - Backtests
    - Stock screener
    - Portfolio tracking

    Laurent D.
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