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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Aquajim, Oct 26, 2003.

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    I am running Streetsmart Pro on my Mac G4 Powerbook using Virtual PC. It runs ok but the processor heats up so much I have to keep my keyboard open. Is there a trading platform that has been designed to run on the Mac's?
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    I like IRT (by linnsoft) am using it on Windows, but there is a mac version too)
    and of course Interactivebrokers software works perfectly under OS X
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  4. InvestorRT by Linnsoft is great. They make both a Windows and Mac OSX version. This is a great little company the responds to your concerns and requests. It's very stable. You have a few choices of data services on the Mac side. It's not the most inexpensive thing out there, but it's solid. And unfortuately for us Mac traders, there aren't many choices. But there's no compromise with Linnsoft.

    And, in case you are interesed.
    I use AutoTrader connected to IB to do the trades. It's a Java program and works great on my Pismo upgraded to a G4/500. IRT I run on my G4/400 upgraded to a G4/1 gig/2gig ram. Reports are IRT runs fine on a G5 and on Panther, but I haven't personally upgraded to Panther yet.

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    Maybe you can just get your notebook a little cooler:
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