Mac for trading? - I have a few questions.

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  1. Hey guys,

    After seeing someone I know use his Mac, I was just amazed on how everything works.

    One this I liked was he could be using the Mac OS, then hit a button, and the screen flips to the Microsoft Vista OS. Good for trading since I design webpages, so I could use the Mac OS for webpages, and the Vista for trading.

    But, does anyone use them for trading? And can you set up multiple LCD's? I use 3 LCD's right now on my PC.

    Example -

    Any info would be great. I know pretty much nothing about MAC's so take it easy on me :)

    Take care,
  2. iMac is not upgradable. you cannot put more than another monitor on it.

    your option is to use mac pros, and those are not cheap (price wise), but competitive with similar spec computers. mac pros can have multiple video cards.

    the software you maybe using is parallels, which is like a vmware for mac when vmware didn't have a version for mac. It is still ahead as far as technology goes. you can use windows programs like you are using mac programs. you should check that out.
  3. Thanks bud.

    Wow, Mac Pro's are very $$$!

    I think I will stick to a PC :)

    Since you know a great deal about this, I am buying a new system in the next while. What do you suggest? I plan to run 3 LCD's.

    Thanks again.
  4. You'd be mistaken about the iMac and multiple monitors. With a simple adaper from Matrox you can attach 2 additional monitors to an iMAC.

    Also as the guy said Parallels is currently the best offering. They have a mode entitled Coherence that allows you to run windows programs without seeing the Windows Desktop on your mac. I trade that way.

    I use a MacBook 1.83Ghz for trading.

    Depending upon what software you run, you can also run it under Crossover. Some software runs very well under crossover. Other stuff (forget it)

    Ex. Trade-Ideas runs Great under Crossover.
  5. I apologize I erred on the multiple monitor thing with the imac.

    You can actually support 3 additional monitors with the matrox adapter.

    I apologize if I limited you in any way ;)

    The only drawback is that you can only connect a max of 3 monitors running at 1280x1024 resolution each.

    If you went simple dual monitor mode, the max digital is 1920x1200 for the 2nd monitor.

    So you have options

    2 monitors (main and an extra)
    3 monitors
    4 monitors

    You decide. It's a great day for macUsers everywhere. :) Sorry for my soapbox. LOL.
  6. Right, I heard Matrox had something like that.

    Here is my setup right now - Can you tell me if I need to upgrade?

    AMD 64 3500

    2 GIG DDR ram

    250 GIG SATA hard drive

    512mb ATI duel head graphics card

    MSI Neo4 motherboard

    Do I need an upgrade to a duel core system? And is this system good enough to run VISTA?

  7. I cant speak on PC's I know my Macbook runs Vista just fine.

    It is a Dual Core machine

    Otherwise I have no advice in the PC realm.

  8. jho


    Yes that computer will run Vista. You don't NEED dual core. Do you find your computer slow in any way?
  9. To be honest, no not really. Its pretty quick :)

    Will it run slower in vista?

    THanks :)
  10. The biggest hang up I find with Vista is the special graphics. For the sake of speed and efficiency I turn all the special graphics off. it lightens the RAM needs and VM paging loads on your computer.
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