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    got tired of all the windows related problems (and I wanted a less bulky laptop) and bought myself a Powerbook running OSX. By reading earlier threads I have learned that Investor/RT is the software to use... But how do you have it setup? How does the Powerbook, for example, deal with multiple monitors? Does anyone use Virtual PC and a windows base software? If so, how does it work? I heard that the emulator slow down the G4 dramatically... Thanks!
  2. Hello:
    Having had more than my share of problems with virus, worms, hijackers, malicious codes and other crap I am interested in buying a G4 for trading. I do not know if that is possible. I trade with IB and use Esignal. In the near future I will be contacting the players to find out what the roadblocks are (if any) and then on with the experiment. I am looking forward to not having to use a hardware router (Linksys), Norton antivirus, Pest Patrol SpySweeper and Grisoft just to keep my machine running (jeez). In addition, I found that I had CoolWebSearch in my machine's registry and although my computer tech said he had fixed it, eventually I had to learn about it and fix it myself!!!! The way these guys charge it makes me think that I should stop trading and get a Microsoft Certification ($170 per fix). I welcome any comments from knowledgeable users. Regards, Steve46
  3. I have used all Mac trading set up for years. If you can work with available software, its the way to go IMO. There are no viruses, worms and almost no spyware and adware. Plus as a UNIX system it is virtually uncrashable and you will have up-times of months.

    You can hook up one external monitor to recent Powerbooks- they have a dvi port.

    I have used IB and Thinkorswim for brokerages and Linnsoft with DTNIQ as data feed- all work natively and well in OS X. In terms of Virtual PC, I used to use it to run IB before it went java. But IB was a pretty light CPU using app and this might have been OS 9 even so my experience is not up to date.

    In terms or running a real time trading app through Virtual PC, I have not tried this yet. However I use Virtual PC and am pretty sure it would be fast enough on a modernish dual G4. I have a dual 1.25 G4 and it runs fairly quick on it. Virtual PC does not yet work on the G5s. Microsoft has purchased the product and is supposed to come out with a much improved version later this year that runs on the G5s.

    I am likely going to have to soon use some PC only software and am dreading the idea of buying a PC. I will try it first in Virtual PC for no other reason than knowing whatever hell breaks loose on it, its just one file that can be trashed and restored from backup....

    Steve, as of yet there is no native mac software to use Esignal though I have seen a rumor that the developer of ProTAgold, is working on a real time version that uses esignal. Otherwise the 2 main choices for mac are softwares that run DTNIQ or MyTrack.

    As you mentioned, you will be free of most of the security headaches from the wintel side. OS X has a built in firewall but I would still run an external router firewall, just for added insolation and stealth surfing.
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    Thanks for the information. I believe I will try to run InvestorRT on my mac with an external monitor and see how it works out. It seems like it takes a lot more work to master this software (downloaded the demo) than, for example, Metastock that I used on my former PC machine. I hope it is good though and fits my purpose. I see that InvestorRT does not use a programming language in a way that many other software use ( I mean for developing own indicators). Does this future limit your possibilities to be creative with the program?
  5. Thank you Resinate. I am grateful for the information. I can tell you that the opportunity cost for the missed time would more than have paid for a nice new Mac machine by now. I will give some thought to which Mac to buy (and where to buy it). Regards, Steve46

    P.S. One more thing in regards to virus and malicious codes. I understand the idea of hacking, and pranks and all the high tech show off crap that goes on in that world. Thats fine, Ha Ha. What I don't care for is the destructive, manipulative intent of coders who think they have the right to "hijack" my machine by scanning for open ports, and sending email "bombs" to unsuspecting "civilians". I believe these folks have wasted whatever talent they had, and are useless in society. If I had a vote, it would be to jail them when they are caught and liquidate their assets. For whatever its worth the maker of CoolWebSearch is a russian and I think they are located in or near Moscow. If it were physically possible, I would be all about paying them a visit to show them a different kind of "hacking".
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    get a G5 and the cinema screen. You won't regret it.
  7. Thanks for the comment. I will be looking into it. Steve46
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    I am trading through IB with a Powerbook 867, which fan starts working as soon as the TWS is opened. I am afraid heat will be an issue over time.

    Thinking of buying a desktop unit I am now confronted with the doubt over a Dual G4 or a single G5. Any recommendation? Or should I directly go for the Dual G5 ? :confused:

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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    the G5 runs much quieter. if cost isn't an issue, i'd go with the G5.
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    Thanks def for the quick answer.

    Since I see you are with IB, do you have any idea if the TWS software would take any profit of dual processors?

    I would mainly use 4/5 streaming charts, and 20/25 quotes. Other applications open at the same time could be Safari, Mail, Acrobat and Excel.

    I would not mind to pay the extra price for the sake of reliability, quietness and performance, but I do not need video editing capabilities or anything of the kind, so I am afraid to overbuy if I go for the Dual G5.

    Any input will be welcome.
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