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    Does anyone in ET land know of any decent charting software that is either a downloadable or web based that is compatible with Mac?
  2. I found a wide range of software, including DTN data feed and IB have worked flawlessly under OSX 10.4.x and Parallels 3.0.

    I have yet to get around to VMware Fusion testing since Parallels worked so well.

    Software that has worked well:

    Ninja Trader
    Button Trader
    Sierra Chart

    I have tried a fews others that also worked such as Amibroker, QuoteTrader, but never used them extensively.

    I found you can run windows apps on (1) 24" monitor and Mac apps on the other.

    I was using a Mac Pro 3.0ghz 8-core, but I believe many other Mac platforms would also work well.

    Not sure about running under 10.5.x Leopard as I have not yet switched over.

    IB Trader Workstation will run under OXS as will Silicon Trader, and the IB or DTN data feeds were also available.
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  4. Anyone that owns a Mac knows how flexible Parallel is. What the consumer base really needs to know is when a native charting OS X application will be available.

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    I've heard Investor RT from is really good on Mac. I used it a while ago and was impressed then. I'm not a current user though.
  6. lindq


    Investor RT.

    Originally developed for Mac.
  7. I use Pro Analyst. Its fast, clean, great charts and written especially for the Mac. I try and support companies that make Mac products. You can download the demo version here...

    Good Luck...
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    In my experience, when running under MacBook Pro OSX v10.5.3 Leopard, TWS Standalone will freeze up, while the browser-based TWS runs just fine.

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    Perhaps ProTA or Stox?

    Neither is real-time, but I am starting to use Stox for my long-term equity portfolio.
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