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  1. I did a search but the threads I found are all a couple years old. I figure things have had to progress since then.

    Im a Mac guy..always have been..that wont change. So...

    For the past year or so Ive been using charts on Safari. I really like the charts but the java applet is buggy as all hell. It crashes way too often. I cant deal with it any longer.

    I like as much detail and analysis in my charts as possible and Im wondering what other Mac users are using for charts. Web based ? Software based ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. There is just about nothing for the Mac - it's sad but that's the way it is.
  3. make your mac dual boot w/ windows if it's an intel chip

  4. Edouard


    I am just ramping up on trading, so my comments are not seasoned from trading experience. But as a very experienced software developer perhaps my comments can provide some value.

    First, I will say that if you are on an Intel-based Mac you don't have to be limited to Mac software. I run Windows using both Bootcamp and Parallels. I prefer Parallels as it allows me to run within OSX. I am not actively using any Windows based apps for trading, but acknowledge that the selection is much larger on Windows, and keep that door open. As I move from paper to real trading later in the year, I will assess whether I want to switch to a Windows app.

    I am opening up to using multiple tools as a single one isn't covering all the bases. I like Sherlock (comes with OSX) for quick quotes, although not so much for intraday as they are not realtime.

    TradeStrategist - So far this is my favorite of the commercial apps. But I haven't included options and I'm not sure they will support them. Good paper and backtrading.
    MarketAnalyst - I need to reevaluate this one.
    BlueChip - Not bad for $12, but not extensive enough to use as anything but a side tool.
    VulcanOracle - Focused upon finding stocks, not managing the portfolio.
    EclipseTrader - Free and Open Source. This shows a lot of promise. With the right broker/data provider this environment could be killer.
    Thinkorswim - yet to be evaluated.
    OptionsXpress - yet to be evaluated.

    From a software perspective, I work entirely in Java and Flex2. In fact, my current project is a trading company which got me into learning the domain and establishing trading skills. Innovations in software take time to reach the public, but the trend is towards service-oriented architecture (SOA). This means that 2-5 years down the road these large proprietary Windows-based apps will start to open up and change into cross-platform apps. The EclipseTrader app is an example. It's plugin architecture means that anyone can add functionality by building a plugin to extend the existing and free trading environment and hit the entire market regardless of OS. Combine those plugins with web services that provide value to any client that taps into it and that is the direction trading apps will go. EclipseTrader is pretty solid for as new as it is (it has never crashed on me), and I'm looking for a broker that integrates well with it. At least those are my thoughts. I'm considering building a paper/back-trading plugin for it myself.

    Not a recommendation...I never used it but did research it before I decided to buckle and buy a PC for trading futures.

  6. Prophet with Safari is terrible, I agree. Try using internet explorer, works great for me on a Mac.
  7. Edouard


    Ah yes, I forgot about good 'ol TrendSetter. They look like they might be top-of-the-heap, but they are quite pricey, especially while I'm paper trading.

    On the other hand, a product called "CrossOver" allows installing and running Windows apps on Intel macs running under OSX without the need for Windows. I haven't tested any apps, but you can use the CrossOver beta for 60 days for free. Plenty of time to try out a few apps.

    Pre-order price is $39.95 which is offset by not having to purchase Windows.
  8. Neet


    Maybe some java based charting software.
  9. MikeN


    I'm relatively new to trading. I use TOS and its desktop platform and find its charting meets my needs. It also has Profit charts (which i don't use)
  10. asap


    just take a look at they have an excellent virtual machine app that alows to run any WIN32 software in your mac wo hassle. you'd get the best of both worlds.
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