Mac charting software?

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  1. Does anybody know charting software for Mac OS X?
    I don't want to use any Windows emulator as I have a Mac-mini, it's not very powerful. And I looking for native mac application.
  2. Investor rt have a mac version, but the datafeed options are somewhat limited:(
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  4. you can´t use iqfeed on a mac, only dtn satellite
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    I don't really understand your issue with using a virtual machine, or bootcamp. I run parallels in coherence mode, and love it. I can use any software I want, mac or pc.
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    That is not correct! Of course you can use IQFeed with IRT on a Mac, it is just setup as DTN Sat (as there is no native IQFeed client for Mac).
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    TOS has a mac version.
  8. I found ProTA software, but not sure about futures datafeed. also I will try Investor RT. Is there any another alternative?
  9. What is TOS?
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    Think or swim--you can get their charting for free, but for real time quotes you need a funded account.
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