Mac + Bootcamp + Win XP + QCharts and TWS anyone?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ajax2004, Jun 26, 2007.

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    Hi all, I'm considering buying a new laptop and like the screen size and form factor of the new Macbook Pro. I've never tried using Windows on those machines (I'm a PC user) and was wondering if anyone has experience running QCharts and/or IB's TWS on a Win XP / Vista installed on an Intel based Mac.

    Any experience with a trading software that you know for sure won't work on this combo?

    Also if anyone is playing games on the MBP with the Nvidia card then feedback on that would be great too :-D

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    If your a PC user why do you want a Mac?

    Tons of other notebooks out there that have nice screens ...
  3. I have a 15"MBP and I can run x_trader on it no problem. TWS shouldn't have any problems. Most games work fine unless it's super hardware intensive, I play counter strike source @ max settings with over 100FPS, a game like BF2148 u'd have to lower ur settings
  4. Whether you run it native via bootcamp or use a VM environment like VMWare, you'll be fine....
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    The MBP is being delivered next week. Will be testing it out. I can't think of any reason why it won't work either.
  6. the premium you pay for a mac is basically for their kick ass OS... if you are going to buy a mac and run Vista or XP by a Dell with the same components for less money and save yourself spending another $500 for a licensed copy of Windows.
  7. Premium?? which MBP is he getting? The Santa Rosa 15".. Well if people compare apples to apples. But they seldom do....
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    I'm getting it for both. Would like to use OS X but also realize I'll need Win for trading + gaming.

    In any case is there a Dell with these specs:

    2.4GHz Santa Rosa
    Nvidia 8600GT + 256Mb (or equivalent ATI)
    15" wide screen LED
    1" thick
    5.4 lbs

    I think Dell makes awesome laptops, had 2 Latitudes and they're real workhorses. But the MBP specs plus ability to run both OS's sealed the deal for me.
  9. Just for comparison Apples to Apples

    15" Dell Latitude with a 2.2 Santa Rosa CPU = $1960.00

    Of course this is not an equal comparison...

    The MBP 15 comes with 2GB memory, The Dell only comes with 1GB

    Also the Dell = 80GB HD, MBP = 120GB HD

    SO there are a couple of things that are not included in the price of the Dell....

    Sorry, ever since Apple went intel, the price comparison thing is a Joke. You get WAY more computer with an Intel-Mac at the same price point than you do with a Dell.. I wish people would research before spouting off at the mouth...

    Again, I dont mind being wrong... or right, so I repriced a Dell Latitude D830 configured Just like an MBP.... came in at $1998.. Doesnt sound like a premium to me... just makes you decide, do you want to run a Dual OS Machine, or a Single OS machine (baring that you pirate OSX. YEECH!!)
  10. beauty of dell is...

    they have kick ass sales about every 2 months, next big one is back to school and...

    you can negotiate if you call a rep on the phone.

    1gb of ram and 80 v 120GB hard drive is about $100... and you can get this included for free no doubt.

    in the past I've been able to get anywhere from 10-30% off dell online prices.
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