Mac address tracking

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  1. Let me clarify... My firewall is worthless, my NAT'd router is worthless. Not sure what their new technology is but appears my MAC is being exposed and tracked from any Comcast connected spot I use. Public Hotspots, Private, Corporate VLAN.

    Even after I change my MAC address the tracking remains active, There must be some software agent running on my system calling home. I do use logmein and should probably uninstall it to make sure its not throwing me under the bus.

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  4. Interesting: Comcast 3 weeks ago trenched and upgraded their network through out my area. They deployed their new Xfinity security system. Powered by iControl Networks' Open Home automation and security platform features live video monitoring, lighting and climate control, burglar and fire alarm monitoring, and more -- via touchscreen interface, web portal, and iPhone app.
  5. Where is the post of the guy who claimed that changing your MAC address was not sufficient, you had to change your windows registration number too...?

  6. Is this correct ?
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