MA where does it go from here?

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    Stupid me went long Friday morning on MA and didn't sell on the way down. I am trying get a feel from everyone if they thing it will bounce back in the next week or so, or tank.

    Please don't remind me how stupid I was. This was a huge mental mistake for me and I have tortured myself enough already.

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    It is going down at least for some time. Maybe it goes down to about $90 to bottom. Experience shows that when a momentum stock with run-up like MA reverses from a 52-week high right after earnings, it keeps trending down for a while. Examples are AAPL and GOOG.

    Best of luck.
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    Depends on what your entry price was? Also there is nothing stupid about what you did. It happens to others too. The more the postion moves against you the harder it becomes to pull the trigger.
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    However, after reading the above which is an excerpt from your post in another thread, I am mystified.


    Believe me, I am mystified also. When I did that post, I was placing stops with my entry order and I was getting stopped out alot. So I had some suggestions that the MM were seeing my stops and were taking me out, so I should use mental stops. I was doing OK with mental stops, except with MA, after I got filled at 114, it seemed like only seconds I was down a couple of points, and I couldn't pull the sell tigger. I am been very activitely trading for 4 years now, and I feel like a newbie all over again.
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    Do you still own it?

    If you don't mind, how many shares?

    If you still own it, there is a good chance it will recoup some of could be recouped if it bounces a bit during the week.

    A lot depends on your account size. In other words is this loss going to put you out of trading, or can you handle the loss at this time. It could get worse before it gets better.



    I still own it. I have 400 shares, so I am down about $4500. I can handle this loss without knocking me out of the game.
  8. You ask what the stock is going to do as if someone knows. The quicker you realize that no one knows what stocks will do the better off you will be. This game isn't about predicting the future, it is about managing your positions once you are in them. You should act to conserve your capital and stop out now, so that you can live to trade another day.

    Review your past trades and see what your ledger would look like had you stopped out all your losers according to your risk management principles.

    Never let even one trade get out of control, for it will eventually result in your demise.
  9. Everyone makes mistakes, dont beat yourself up. As far as MA, I hope this helps you out.

    It responded to my support to the penny very well, so that is a positive. Usually in an emotional move like it had it will not respond as well. It closed in a resistance zone so you could possibly see it retest that first zone from here or maybe head up into the second zone first. I would suggest selling most of your position if it can get up into the 105-107 area and hold a piece if you are looking for a longer term move. Then buying back more at the retest if you still like the stock. It is coming off a DT and it has had a nice run.... so it could really just fall to 92-95, the odds are that it wont though.

    Good luck
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    I still own it. I have 400 shares, so I am down about $4500. I can handle this loss without knocking me out of the game.

    As one of the guys said, no one knows what the market or a stock is going to do, at least most don't. A few insiders know what a stock will do for a short time but that's it.

    If you still own it the last two days have been good to you. Don't know what else to tell you, and neither will anyone else for sure. Some would hang in there, some will tell you to sell ASAP. You are at least 5.00 dollars closer to your buy price. You have only 6.00 to go, then you are going to have to decide to ride it further into a profit, or close so you can ease back a bit. Figure out what made you get in where you did when you did. Some use stops I never use a fixed stop.

    Anyway good luck to you. you might ask or add a thought to where your head is now since you posted on Sat.

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