ma chart trending down?

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  1. Why is mastercard going down while the dow holding up pretty well
  2. There can be expectations that credit card debt will become the next big financial time-bomb to explode if the overall economy worsens.
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    MA is not subject to credit card default.
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    As was mentioned, MA does not carry debt, but they were downgraded recently by S&P to a "Hold", which in a bear market seems to be a kiss of death :eek:

    Also, MA was certain to test new lows Friday once the bailout plan fell apart Thursday, because a free-flowing credit market is crucial to its success.

    MA is a fundamentally sound company with expanding overseas markets as wireless transactions become more and more global.

    They'll likely range around for a while though, before moving significantly above $200 again
  5. but the fact that ma in in debted too by its customers makes it just like any loan. except thats its usually smaller amounts than a mortgage
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    ? they cannot lose money on any transaction. they are not guaranteeing that the customer pays

    (is verifone a competitor of theirs?)
  7. Any clue about Credit Default Swap?
  8. Dan Zanger and several other players have been shorting MA for months. MA is the next AKAM.
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    MA is great for intraday longs and shorts, because it moves in such large chunks ($5-$30 moves).
  10. zdreg ofcourse they can lose money, any customer who is piled up high in debt can walk away if they don't give a shit about their credit
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