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  1. Mach4-1


    This contest is at the request of JB


    1. None - just post the damn stupid trades as they are done in real time - no matter what the outcome!


    We will let the ET'rs decide.

    JB has requested that this thread be a serious thread with nothing only trades - so please refrain from the usual "posting" that will serve no real purpose.

    If need be someone can start another thread to comment on this thread - but please leave this thread for competition trades ONLY!

    Thank you.

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    Market: FX EUR/GBP (mini)

    Current Level: 0.9052

    Trade: Long x 1

    Entry: Buy Stop @ 0.9135

    Stop: 50 pts

    Limit: 250 pts

    Status: Order Working GTC
  3. Now no rules, no set up

    I guess this means willy nilly just take a trade and hope ?

    Well I will refer to mine as they play out
    and will do my best to keep you all informed

    Remember I am very busy in from 9:30 -12:30

    will post if I have time
  4. Question from someone from ET:

    Ok this is NOT a noob question of "how do I find a trend and always buy low and sell high"... we all know that someone who asks that is going to have issues trading.

    However, I would like some ideas on what other traders use to confirm a trend is starting.

    I personally use divergence in stochastics and sometimes macd.

    Just wanting to get some ideas/feedback from other elite traders.

    Responce from Me was :

    What do you trade ? Stocks or Futures
    not that it really matters just curious

    1) you should always know your levels

    2) Never try to sell a high

    3) Always wait for high to be in place

    sounds hard but is truly easy to do, watch the trend

    higher high - higher low - trend in place

    higher high- lower low .................ummmmm
    now we have something
    lower high = NAIL IT.................lol

    little more to it but that is the quick and dirty way

    Then posted a screen shot to show what I ment from that day!

    Quote from TradePilotPro1:

    This pic may help you
    this is today in the S&P futures

    You can add some indicators to help confirm
    if it helps you take the trade?

    Remember # 1 "Know the levels"

    If you do not know how to find them you should learn
    before you take a trade with real money

    Safe Trading

    Joe Baker
    Mach 4-1 Jumps in and quotes:

    hey jb..tel u wat..why don't you try and post a few trades real time..instead of after the events..and then we will see how good u really are

    And this: He responds to a poster on ET

    ND...why do you contradict urself?

    JB knows sweet fuk all about trading...and that is clearly seen by any trader who looks at his posted chart...it is pure shite...really!

    the art of reading a chart is very simple...and JB has not the first clue about effective chart skills..

    be careful who u back up...as it shows what u know...and what u don't know

    My reply:

    I will call out the trades in a set up style

    1) Fat Jack Trade

    2) Looser Bucket Trade

    3) Compression Trade

    4) Average Joe Trade

    5) Jimmy 2 times Trade

    6) 3 time charlie Trade

    If a trend day I will refer to the market as slope of hope
    entry and snap a screen shot of why I took the trade

    This way there will no bullshit in saying I did not call it in time
    as the setups will all be the same over and over

    I hope you will do the same

    Please Advise!

    Joe Baker

    Now he states, no rules & no set up

    And Mach 4-1 starts a new thread and make me look like the
    one shooting my fat mouth off, I was helping a trader here on ET
    and Mach 4-1 jumped in and was very rude and of no help to the
    trader who asked a simple question

    Just wanted to clear the air as to you comment where you said


    I will post and follow up with a snapshot of what I was seeing

    Joe Baker
  5. This is the levels and breakout and breakdown areas on S&P

    I sent out to our members last night
  6. Looser bucket 1066.25
    stop 68.25

    63.50 runner to 61.50
  7. 63.50 hit

    looking for 61.50 now drop stop
  8. runner left

    out at 63 with one to go stop at 65.25
  9. news at 10 so if target no hit i will close
  10. poss new looser bucket starting
    #10     Sep 22, 2009