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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. alanack


    I'm still getting redirected to www.m.yahoo.com. I haven't found a singe post anywhere on anyone still dealing with this m. redirect since the newly designed web page became the only option. Does anyone know how to elimnate this m. from the address? It happens both with IE8 and Chrome. Thanks.
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  3. alanack


    Thanks, but I tried removing all cookies. Also tried clearing the offline storage cache, but it wasn't where it was supposed to be(XP PRO). I also flushed the DNS, which someone suggested, but this didn't work either.
  4. I hope you find an answer to this one because I would like the old look back also. None of the hacks have worked.
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    The old page isn't available anymore. The m. redirect was for the new page before it became permanent. Going back to yahoo.com at that time brought up the older design. For some reason I am still being redirected, and there are virtually no posts on this subject since the new page became permanent, so no one else seems to be having this problem...???