M-T has been on a roll

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  1. They knocked down almost 20 pts. today.
  2. Just a note Thunderbolt:

    ET isn't designed as an hype or advertising space for M-T. Any additional new M-T related threads in this forum will be deleted. Over half of your total posts are either a direct promotion of M-T or in defence of your promotion of M-T. Back on 6/30/02 you posted the following thread to the Resources forum:


    You have posted that particular thread using virtually the exact words no less than 5 times on EliteTrader. If you need to hold an online discussion with yourself regarding M-T please restrict yourself to this thread.

    Posting that "M-T knocked down almost 20 points today" provides no usable information and can only be viewed as advertising hype. I also note that you have posted this virtually identical thread around 3 times in the past on ET.
  3. It's all good. I'm not advertising, just chatting. I think you are playa hatin'. What ever happened to free speech.
  4. Hubert


    Plus you guys use your entry and the best case exit.

    why dont you guys post your actual entry and your actual exit.

    Im not say you didnt make 20 points put you guys do inflate the e mails you guys send out.
  5. Bsulli


    I'm still on there end of day recap. They have to date for three weeks now only posted one 2 point losing trade. No one and I mean no has a 100% win record, excuse me, that would be 99.9999% win record. I don't care how good they are, but that's ok I sent a few copies the SEC's abuse dept for them to follow up on. Talk about no truth in advertising awards, MT definitely has won it.

    Just be honest in your mailings. Not holding my breath that will happen.

    My opinion of course and the emails to back it up, but then again all they have to do is post audited results and prove me wrong, but I'm not expecting that either.

    Then again they could become paying sponsors of ET and support this great site.
  6. davealex


    Since we're hyping stuff here, how about just switching the M-T hype to another site that actually recommends ET at the top?

    Any site that recommends ET gets my respect, because if they have crappy products or services, they know the ETers will lay them to waste. I doubt they would recommend ET to potential customers if they thought that might happen.


    (PS. this file changes daily, so if it does not have ET at the top when you look at it, it did on 7/19 when I posted this)

    Disclaimer: I don't use their software, but I do read their free daily e-mail commentary (I think it's quite good).

  7. Magna

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    By free speech did you mean you should be allowed to continually hype (excuse me...."just chatting") a website for free, a website that makes money by subscription? Hmmm, I've got some things I want to promote, I wonder if I can go over to the M-T site and post them there for free, and if they don't allow it complain by saying "What ever happened to free speech?" :confused:
  8. Sanjuro


    I checked out M-T before. They are just as fake as Waxie.

    They post a buy for XXX at 25.
    If XXX trades higher by at least .01 in the whole day,
    the trade is considered a gain. Then they take the
    high for the day minus the call price and say that it's
    their gain for the day.

    It doesn't matter if XXX dropped to 23, came back to 25.10
    and then back to down to 21. They will call it a Winner
    for .10 !

    You won't learn anything from that website except how fake it is.
    The only way, they will say they called a bad trade is if
    they called the high for the day. So that's how they keep
    their 100% winning trades.

    Good Luck Trading!
  9. nitro



    You a moderator now!?

  10. Try emailing them and asking about one of their plays.

    What a joke!
    #10     Jul 19, 2002