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    The idea is to make life safer and the planet the most beautifull living place for every beings.

    So I think that it will need to meet a lot of criterias who are really hard to achieve at the same time, alone I will not be able to think it weel enough ( at all, in fact ), so please, help me. However I think that some basic conditions needs to be implemented :

    1) Universal every single one.
    2) Not linked to the number of children that a women can have.
    3) Total privacy and transparent.
    4) Cheat proof and easy for youngs kids.
    5) Uncentralized.
    6) Enough but still operationable on a World Wide basis.
    7) Tradeable but not stoleable
    8) The People contributing to it have to do it freely.
    9) If possible it will have to be in constant correction because perfection is a goal.
    10) Nothing is Impossible

    lol, I know what I was looking for :), it's called solidarity or helping each other... It's much more efficent, it meet all the criterias, and it's fast, reliable and safer and already done.

    Because really it seems to be an impossible issue to solve in a traditional systemic way... However I am sure that many people have thaught about that earlier than me... So maybe some comments, and more than that some others views?

    Do you think there are a minimum of practicability for this idea ? It came to my mind with the food stamps being distributed by Jpmorgan (if I am right) ?

    I really wanted to share this idea of M.O.S with you... However I think that real sponteanus solidarity, coming from every beings, for every being in need is the way to follow...

    Or to say it better, is it possible to put this :
    The God Rules :

    - Don't do to some one what you don't want he does to you
    + Do to some one what you want he does to you

    at work in some kind of help for those who are need it in a efficienter way than today ? I don't know...

    More easly can't the market setup a Ticker UT for each exchange, where the proceed will go transparently to help organisation already in place ? Voting system... thing like that? the benefit will be higher queue in the bids asks, the more it's given relatively to the other biders... aka making a rating value in FIFO, like in Emule ( an old very popular P2P software ).

    Because I always fear this :

    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    Benjamin Franklin

    So for me the goal is that the matrix of the movie don't happen in real life... ( And I am dead serious, it's maybe already too late :confused:, what's time ? ). Anyway if it had happen, it was our fault... so we have to free ourselves for now, and for the future.
  2. You were high when you wrote this, werent you?
  3. and why not drunk ? or maybe both :D

    Does it change anything ?

    there are many story about how perception can easly cloud the judgment... Don't look at the glass, but at what is inside...

    If a drunk pirate comes to you and say that there is a treasure @ cross in the map he gives you against a glass... would you go @ the spot of the cross ?
  4. Nope, i sure wouldnt. Why wouldnt I? The same reason I wouldnt listen to terrorist if he told me there was a bunch of gold in the trunk of an old beat up car next to the american embassy and all i have to do is open the trunk to get it.
  5. Is it me or you just said that this drunk pirate was a terrorist ?
    It's sad because I had a lot of respect for your words earlier...

    Happily, it was so FAT, not to be seen... How suckers, or leechers certains type of people can be... they even want that's the pirate that drive them...

    Even unable to read a map... pfff...

    So you think that you are the master of your life ? Keep dreaming if it's makes you happy. I don't care.
  6. I like how this is unfolding. Lovely to be right for the wrong reason, or wrong for the right reason.

    Guess who's who.
  7. so much easier :)