M c C L E L L A N O S C I L L A T O R

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  1. fortuna


    The McClellan Oscillator is a market-breadth indicator based on the smoothed
    difference between the number of advancing and declining issues of a particular
    market. MCCL IS CONDIDERED by many actors as a useful tool in determining the best market entry and
    exit points.

    Going through many graphs I find it quite useless

    Anaybody did follow that indicator ?
  2. I also think that most ACTORS would find it useless. :eek:
  3. gms


    If its something Actors gauge themselves by, you might mean Ian McClellan?
  4. EqtTrdr loves it. Pm him for a link to a very good article re: the same.
  5. N O , I H A V E N E V E R U S E D T H A T I N D I C A T O R

    S O R R Y
  6. bungrider that is pretty funny. LOL!
  7. ACTEUR?