M&A on eBay, now this is getting crazy.

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    M&A on eBay

    At least 10 dot-com startups recently put themselves on the auction block -- on eBay. The results have been mixed. Online calendar service Kiko sold itself on eBay for $258,100; search engine DigForIt sold for $25,400; another online calendar site, SynapseLife, sold for $60,000, even admitting that it had "no advertising revenue." While investment bankers traditionally manage acquisitions, entrepreneurs see eBay sales as a quick and easy way to unload companies that failed to take off, and move on. "On eBay, you have it closed within a month," noted SynapseLife cofounder Mark Michael. (USA Today)
  2. That's ri-goddamned-diculous!

    But pretty damn funny.

  3. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.....be afraid, be very afraid!