LYV + Hybrid = joke?

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  1. I was watching LYV which is a hybrid stock trade this morning. Mind you it traded 800K + shares today. Unless I'm missing some data I see a print at 22.23 (on nyse) at 9:31 followed by a print of 300 shares at 21.19 less than a minute later (a full point lower on 300 shares) . No big prints followed either. Is this what the hybrid is all about?

  2. This Hybrid seems to bring the worst of NYSE and Naz. And then charge more money for it.
  3. kinda along the lines-----look what alot of people got today

    "NYSE/ARCA ----there will be a $500 surcharge for all appeals where the original ruling does not get overturned."

    In other words, if you file an appeal to a ruling, and the panel decides to simply uphold the original ruling, the trader will be subject to a $500 fee for the appeal process.
  4. The more I delve into this hybrid deal the more I don't like what I'm seeing. And I've traded listed stocks for a long time. Maybe it's just them getting the bugs worked out who knows? I'm still a little suspect of things like the specialist algorythm, etc...

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    Its definately looks bad so far.
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    I am a scalper and have been following the hybrids very closely. I think we will all get used to trading them and things should be fine. It will be a bit tougher and things will move faster but I think we'll all adapt. The hybs charts look horrible but I think it's because people are adapting to trading them.
  7. Just to be fair I traded another hybrid stock today that was much better... I still see often times where a level will get taken out and then a big offer comes in immediately like .10 below the last print. Plus it happens so fast you feel like a deer in the headlights (LOL)... And they say change is good....

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    With dems in the Whitehouse this is a strong ethanol related company that should grow to the upside quickly
  9. What does this have to do with hyrbid trading?

    On a positive note, when the SHO stocks came out, the same thing happened. They were freaking hard as hell to trade and the stocks charts also looked horrible. Over time, they settled down and some exploitable patterns formed. I am optomistic the same thing will happen with the hyrid stocks. For now though, they are sloppy and you must be even more patient with them otherwise you could easily churn 300K shares and go nowhere.

  10. I really wish that they would have just switched all the stocks over to hybrid all at once. This slow rollout is pretty painful for those of us that bounce around and trade different stocks everyday. When I find something I want to trade I like to know if it's hybrid or not...

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