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  1. anyone know anything about them? are they reputable? do they use Lightspeed? any offices in Philly?
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    Lynx Capital was started by a former Worldco superstar trader by name Leon...

    They teach you market short strategies...

    With the SEC suing Tuco, not sure if this is a good idea to join any LLC.

    What is the deal that you are getting there? how much deposit ? comm? etc?
  3. i heard they are reputableis that true? basically wanted to know if they use lightspeed. i am getting licensed anyway.
  4. I know the NYC office seems good ...
  5. any offices outside nyc?
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    there's an office in hoboken and teaneck in nj
  7. The NJ and NY offices trades on Anvil (Assent) unless they changed it the last few years.
  8. i heard they pay on time and the deposit is safe. nuff said.
  9. I am a soon to be full-time trader. I have spoken with Eddie and he seems a fair person.

    I did not get the feeling that they are pushing anyone to join them, otherwise they would of make it a lot easier.

    In the contrary, they tried to push you away from trading to make sure you are ready, and SURE, you want the highly risky trading full-time career.
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    Hydroblunt is more accurate than me. So you should take Hydroblunts advice.
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