Lying On Your Resume

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    How bad would it be to lie on your resume? And I'm not talking the BS job description that made your previous post at McDonalds seem important, I'm talking about a REAL lie.

    Basically, I'm on the fence right now, in desperate need of some guidance. In fact, the advice that I receive here could well change the course of my life. So, here's my conundrum...

    I'll be graduating from a leading university with a semi-strong academic record (3.5 gpa) in the next few months. However, I have been completely shunned by trading firms and hedge funds. It seems that my college major (liberal arts) falls short of expectations.

    So, now I'm considering lying on my resume -- perhaps substituting a Business Administration major or adding a math minor. While technically a lie, I have administered two successful businesses in the past and my numeracy skills are exceptional.

    So, I ask: How bad would it be to fabricate one's resume to this extent? Surely I wouldn't be the first person to do so. I mean, they'd never find out, right?

    First hand experiences (told in the third person, of course) are especially encouraged. PM is fine!

  2. Ebo


    It does not matter what your major was, sell yourself in an interview. Start thinking like an adult not a pimple faced frat boy.

    If you are even worth looking at you would have been recruited on campus by now.

    I made sure every fortune 500 HR manager got a copy of your post buddy!
  3. PokerJoe..

    Government applications and regulatory requirements for certifications and licensing would be at issue...

    The private sector may have repercussions later in cival actions...if public disclosures are represented to stockholders in liability issues...some sharp attourneys are discovering ways to prove negligence...

    On the other hand... You can buy your degrees on the Internet as some Doctors have done...Just hope that the interviewer did not go to the same classes...

    some companies actually verify some items on applications and resumes...

    Besides PokerJoe...YOU would know what you have done :)
  4. If you're considering 'lying' or adding some false qualification on your resume, go back to working at McDonalds - the finance world does not need more like you.
  5. PokerJoe


    "Besides PokerJoe...YOU would know what you have done"


    You're absolutely right, which is why I would never actually do it. However, the thought has crossed my mind. I just wanted to see if others have had (or are having) similar experiences.
  6. Well Folks...there you have it...taken straight from Dear Abbey...not a word changed...

    ohhh..the satire...baWahaahhaa


  7. Pathus


    That would be fucking stupid and I deeply question your integrity as a human. They will eventually find out and fire you.
  8. Cheese


    Lying On Your Resume?

    Yes, this is good start.
    The night before your interview place a copy of your resume in an envelope and put it under your mattress.

    Next day at your interview when you face the puffed up office stiff across his desk hold up your slightly crumpled resume - the one you were lying on overnight - and tell him you were lying on your resume.

    Study the look he gives you and then say you were lying on the resume overnight. Study the look on his face again and then explain that you were lying on the resume overnight because you put it under your mattress. The asswipe finally gets it and realizes you are toying with him.

    Normally they just toy with you before they chuck you into the pile of all other rejects.

    If you take along your own sort of downbeat approach, it beats the hell out of coming along and playing the anxious loser.
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  9. Dealing with the satire is the ONLY way to answer/deal with the mysteries of life...he who cares the least wins...overcome and conquer...blame it on

    face it...your here for 70-100 years maybe...when the actors ...oh nevermind...back to washing my Plymouth...

    If you take along your own sort of downbeat approach, it beats the hell out of coming along and playing the anxious loser.
  10. My brother in law lied about graduating college and landed a good job at a bank. When they finally got around to actually checking his college transcript and found he never graduated, he was fired instantly. Poof.

    Crazy part is he was literally like 4 courses from finishing. Fecking loser.
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