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    LVS - Las Vegas Sands Corp listed on NYSE.
    LVS - Sector: Services, Industry: Casinos and Gaming.
    LVS gain 4.91% on 11/19/10 and a toal percentage of 10.01% in the past 2 days
    LVS is trading in the range of $36.49 - $55.47 in the past 30 days.
    Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is bullish for LVS.
    LVS formed a Bearish Macd Crossdown signal.
    Money Flow Index (MFI) is bullish and moving up for LVS.
    LVS formed a bullish Price & Exponential Moving Average Crossover signal.
    LVS formed a bullish Price & Simple Moving Average Crossover signal.
    Relative Strength Index (RSI) is bullish and moving up for LVS.
    The 10-day simple moving average is bearish and moving down for LVS.
    LVS formed a bearish Stochastic Crossdown signal.
    LVS formed a bullish Stochastic Crossover signal.
    Average volume decrease over 5% for LVS.
    Stock performance base on day of week in the past 90 days.
    Monday: 16.21%
    Tuesday: -7.66%
    Wednesday: 8.87%
    Thursday: 15.77%
    Friday: 20.77%

  2. This is what I DON'T GET about this site and many others. You tell us that LVS "seems bullish", but look at the price...its in the 50s.

    WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE STOCK TRADED in the 20s or for that matter in the single digits??? Now the stock has risen nearly 50 times in the last year only now are you coming out to say that LVS "seems bullish". WTF?!?

    Why do folks like to get behind a stock only after a big run? Why not come out before the break out to say that you feel it will break out? The beauty of the internet is that if the stock falls from here then the alias can get a new name. In the case of blogs, if the stock falls then the comments can simply be edited or deleted in the future or the blog author can simply state that they told us the stock could go either way versus accepting responsibility for making a bad call and living with it.
  3. I remember when I bought 2000 shares of this @ 3.50 $ .... sold for a .50 cent gain ....................... wish i held on to this..... oh boy oh boy.
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    I also bought the stock at $18, and sold for $26. Too bad I didn't hold on to it. I think it is still a good stock to swing trade with.
  5. Obviously they were being facetious saying that it seems bullish.
    Move over on that coulda woulda shoulda thing. I was watching this thing early on too. Made money consistently trading it though. If I can trade this anybody can. Per my short sightedness I get out yesterday and it goes up again. 3 grand in a day is good for me though.
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    It is hard to sell right at the peak, as long as you make some good profit, that is good. I was also trading this stock consistently when it was in the 20's. Another stock I was trading at that time was MGM which is from the same industry and it is still at $12, that stock is not going anywhere.