Lvlt And Nyx And Cramer

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  1. I am in utter aawwww on how Cramer has seemingly moved these two stocks. Neither is low float, low volume, etc. I never thought he could take a dog like LVLT and get everyone to flow into that thing...
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    why just trading price action+volume increases rules. who cares reason- once train starts moving- get on board till it stops. getting all flustered by reasons or research is a waste of emotion.
  3. This train is moving backwards. All of the indexes are turning. The institutions and hedge funds are going to cash and they are selling the NYX and LVLT stock to the retail.

    The VIX is increasing. Very risky time to be following momentum.

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    if ur trading momo stocks but not the indexes, then take the vix off ur screen. another corrupted data source that will confound. just watch what ur trading. trading high beta stocks or any instrument w/ solid money management rules will keep u out of trouble. if its not high beta, i dont waste my time watching it.
  5. If you want on NYX and LVLT today, then be my guest. I wouldnt touch them "with a ten foot pole".

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    u still dont get it. i dont want them here either- at least not yet. lvlt gets positive slope on 60min im in. nyx wide range bar w/ strong close w/ volume spike pops on my filter- now inconsolidating zone on lower time frames- gets going im in.

    have fun watching all your 'indicators'
  7. If you dont mind me saying, we are in two different fields. Im in the right field and your in the left.

    If you re-read my first post, I was originally posting about Cramer and my awwww how he could move these big stocks. It was supposed to be an entertaining post, not a very serious one. I didnt ask about indicators or how to trade.

    Then you come off with some advice that I really didnt ask for and then proceed to tell me how I should trade. All I was trying to do was post up something entertaining about Cramer. I never planned on trading NYX or LVLT.

    Since you seem so out of touch, you have now earned a spot on the ignore list along with BlueStreek and Stock_trdr.

    Be me guest and post a reply, but Im not going to see it because you are now on ignore.
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    miss you already
  9. Why even fight Crammer? When you see him call a company just play that company. Get in on the lows of the day and sell on the highs.
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    wait on buying these stocks, they are only going to fall back to where they were before he recommended them...
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