luxembourg fonds d'invesissements

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    Anyone has experience with those ?
    I'm looking to relocate in Europe without getting hammered by tax and they seem a good vehicle at least if living in Belgium, a country I don't particulary apreciate.
    Are there set ups available from other european countries, including Switzerland, where one can remit profits tax free ?
    Also I saw the minimum investment is 1.25 million euros but read as well they're worthwile only over 5million. What's your take on that and what are the annual maintenance costs ?
    Also could you advice a european base broker (or bank) offering a wide range of markets and products I could approach to trade through this fund ?
    Obviously I'd apreciate contacts to preferably cheap but reliable agents for the set up (in HK for this kind of services some companies charge several times what others charge, sometimes without beeing much more useful)

    Thanks in advance for all related info
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    i'm afraid the mod deleted the post with the right spelling, it is :

    fonds d'investissement
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    It might well take the form of a sicav, not so sure abt this, heard that tax on it is 0.1% per year of its value, and actually read 0.01% somewhere.
    Read also that one residing in Belgium can sell some of his shares and repatriate profits tax free when needed. I wonder if it works with other european countries as well, and how it works exactly in Belgium.
    If possible I'd trade non financial products as well.
    There are a few advisors on the net offering opening of fonds d'investissement, but wonder if some traders here have experience with those.
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    Is it even a good vehicle for independent traders ?