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  1. Anyone familiar with this? Any experience, good or bad?
    Any review would be welcome.
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    I will take extra care with it, given the majority of their positive reviews come from profiles with only one review.
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  4. Stuff like this is >99.9% waste of time and/or money, good luck finding the golden nugget of someone that doesn't sell overfitted crap (which maybe exists but I wouldn't know). Sorry for dumping my pessimism in this thread but I firmly believe you are better off developing your own skill set than paying someone who really don't have any incentive selling good stuff.
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    Depending on the level of experience, sometimes there is a smidge of insight that can be had by looking/thinking these ideas over to develop skills, but I agree it's most likely a long shot w all the scammers out there.

    Sometimes the only thing to be learned is there is nothing in the material to be learned. :cool:
  6. I used to use LuxAlgo, but now I use MSAlgo ( ... I feel that it works better because it has different modes (trending, scalping, etc..) to help suit your style of trading. I have it setup with webhooks to autotrade for me actually and it does quite well overall on certain stocks like SPY and QQQ. I've used it for Futures as well with ES and NQ and it does great there too.

    Always good to throw up different MA's as well to watch with any of these signal indicator softwares and manually use your own judgement.