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    I intend to post pictures and videos of my trading at the end of each day. I will be open to constructive criticism of my entries and exits.

    I also plan on coaching people. If you are interested, pm me.

    You can watch the video of my trading live during the trading day as well for free.

    I don't intend to discuss my PNL results here. I only intend to discuss my entries and exits.

    I expect skeptics but I may or may not reply. Just look at the pictures, watch the videos, or watch it live during trading day, and give your comments, suggestions, criticisms, and questions. I will try to answer all.

    As some of you may know, I have been around a long time. I have had failures, big and small. I have had successes, big and small. I have traded large size and small size. I have quit and started again.

    But success comes from the will to succeed (as well as other aspects)

    This will be like a blog, that I will also mirror on my website, but here active participation is appreciated.
  2. 7rader


    this sounds awesome, im looking forward to it, hopefully i can even pick up a few new things too:D

  3. geez


    me too, should be a great thread...good luck lundy!
  4. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    prediction: this thread will last about a page and a half.
  5. lundy


    not sure why the moderators killed my "watch me trade live" thread, maybe it was because I linked to my own website as well.

    anyway, here is the realtime video feed, it's completely free. You need a stickam account to chat tho

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  6. Lundy still on Oahu?

    Good trading man....hope you do well.

  7. Lundy, are you the one who posted about a large blow up a few years ago ? I think you were trading opm ? Or am I confusing you with another poster ?
  8. This is a great effort! Thank you. Very entertaining!
  9. Dustin


    Yeah that was him, then he quit trading in '06, then was trying to make a living playing poker last year...

    ...and is now teaching people to trade lol.
  10. Still entertaining though. A lot of newbs could listen to him with a great usefulness. The guy does not present anything earth shuttering but listening to him might help a beginner. The technology that he uses is also very useful. Real time charts and comments are the must in an educational trading room. I think we should support his effort as a lot of people might pick little golden nuggets and become better traders. His use of tight stops is very useful for somebody who is trying to develop his/her trading discipline. I always support educators.
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