"lunchtime chop?" lol

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  1. People say price only moves a lot in the morning and the afternoon and lunchtime is boring.

    I have highlighted from 11am to 2pm CST on these charts.

    Look at that "chop." It's like price doesn't even move at all!

  2. You do realize RTH is only 6½ hours. You've highlighted nearly half of the RTH trading day as lunch! I thought us folks here on the Left Coast had the good life with a brunch break around 9:00-9:30, just before overseas markets close and lunch after the close at 1:00.

    Trade On!
  3. Three hours of lunch seems excessive. Noon to 2:00 PM New York time seems more appropriate.
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    French trader in action :p
  5. "Lunch is for douches!" said Gordon Gekko. :cool:
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    Noontime is pretty dead, mornings are the sweet spot till about 10-1030 CST
  7. lunchtime is sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww-moooooooooooooooootioooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    you have to watch that you don't trade against yourself.

    proving again, incidentally, that markets are neither mechanical nor mathematical. They are social. Deal with it. And don't let some stinkin' machine push you around.
  8. Where are you getting this? I just posted a chart that shows that "lunchtime" is very active, sometimes even moreso than the mornings.
  9. I tell all my sheep to NOT trade at lunch, or 1 hour after the open or 2 hours before the close...

    I tell them never to trade OP EX

    don't trade end of month days...

    don't trade near big earnings of companies

    not before or after important econ events

    not in the week of a holiday......

    not day before new year or right after

    and NEVER, NEVER....... trade after 2 losing trades...

    so, see......the sheep are so dumb.......the gurus own them!!

    and all the gurus are broke and blind
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