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  1. Moonalysis gets a bad rap because the ignorant expect the effects to be cyclical. A misconception. The effects are episodic. The phases do not bias direction. They initiate change. As proof I will post predictions and results around and about the four critical phases. To begin, expect a significant market move during the period Tuesday 9/4 to Thursday 9/6. Since we expect change, a fair guess based on the current market state is initiation of a downtrend.
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    To follow
  3. One or Two examples of anything proves nothing.
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    Are you a Harry Potter fan ??
  5. Well, if you follow ag fut's long enough, you would likely suspect theres "something" to it.
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    Are the phases of the moon the same for everybody around the world?
  7. Oh boy, those traders in Jupiter must be having a hard time, there are just too many moons on that planet. Conflicting signals can hurt a trader, I need to send them an email, tell them to switch to Price Action.

    Albeit this is for Jupiter only, since the Earth only has one, it might be ok :)

  8. Fellow moonatics, take heed. New moon coming up. Or as the famous astronomer Dr. John Fogarty wrote: "There's a bad moon on the rise!"
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    Hmm .. An arbitrage opportunity?
  10. Especially during the day, when no one's paying attention.
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