Lunar phases, solar spots and the likes--> Metastock

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    Anyone out there having tried to translate lunar phases, solar spot counts into something that can be used in MetaStock?
    Katz & McCormick wrote about this in their 2000 book "The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies".

    They use C++ and TS to come up with a way of trading on this. Apparently with some success.

    I dont' have TradeStation but have MetaStock 11. one can convert ASCII files to MS format.

    I'm looking for datasources and datapoints at the moment.

    Would be great if other people have also made in-roads into this type of analysis.
  2. you'll find the moon cycle indicator here on Jose's site along with a load of
    other material and resources, beware, Jose has a sense of humour

    see also: The source for MS indis, Experts and etc
    plus he has charts of them so you can see what they do

    solar flares don't occur with any regularity so a cycle like the moon can't be
    replicated in an indicator, try this: google: solar flares trading
  3. Any references that lunar phases, solar spots, etc. can provide an edge? I read studies to the contrary. Like this one for example.
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha
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    Not sure what you read, but reading that RBS documentation it seems that - when a certain moon phase strategy is traded - it will provide profits.....