Lumber Fundamentals

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  1. Lumber futures at or near lows.
    Sentiment is at all time lows.

    Can a bullish case be made for lumber? Is lumber the ultimate contrarian trade?

    Or can a further bearish case be made for lumber?

    What say you?

  2. It's worth a nibble on the long-side. The seasonal should remain bullish until the end of January before the "February Break" emerges.
  3. Prices on lumber futures are tanking and yet this story appeared on CBS today.

    I'm trying to get my hands around this inconsistency... and perhaps make a few bucks...

    Any comments?
    or this (same link)
  4. Another wierd lumber story...
    from the New York Post...

    The story says lumber prices are going up but then how come the futures keep heading down?

    A real head scratcher.:confused:
  5. MGJ


    Here is an (in)famous book, which suggests a specific trading methodology for use in situations exactly like lumber's curren status: (link).

    Do I have the guts to trade lumber using this approach? Hell no. But maybe you do.