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  1. wake37


    anybody think this is a buy at 2 dollars
  2. $2/share seems to be support at the highs from August and September. The daily volume and price range seem to have dried up on the recent decline also. It looks slightly bullish until more negative mortgage news comes out.
  3. I traded LUM and made a little. I think its played out. Has swung tremendously one too many times.

    My next dark horse mortgage play is IHM. Might take a stab at .92
  4. ggoyal


    i bought 12,500@1.81. already up a little. im going to wait a couple of days for this to do something. any thoughts?
  5. wake37


    this pos is taking off again
  6. Man, dump this while its over $2 today and sleep well.

    Great pick up if you caught that price the day it dipped to 1.75.
  7. ggoyal


    yeah i demped it. dont want to hold it over the weekend. but i did buy LOCM 9000@5.86. will hold over the weekend. this has been a nice price b4 it ran up.
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    i know. i mean, its good play intrday and all but holding this kind of a stock over the weekend is just too risky. risk:reward doesnt make sense. but i always look at this stock before checking quotes in the morning. feel sorry for someone who bought at 3 hoping for it to blow up.

    good intrday stock or even hold it for a few days within business days cause you can have a lot of volume as it has alower price.
  10. Great pick up. I'm still long on that. You'll see $6+ easy next week as its getting back into that trading range. Still big time short interest on this. It moves nice on flat to down markets and is due for a news pump. You may have timed it nice.

    Earnings 2nd week November. I would like to see some patent news come in again. Takeover or something is not out of the question in a couple months. No debt, lots of cash. Once I close out a couple positions I will be adding soon and shoot for $7+ again.
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