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    hey guys, any view on LUM. bought a lot at 1.34. it trended down and looks like it should correct a little bit. ??????
  2. I think it had it fun twice on two run ups. Personally, not touching it. Good luck.
  3. ?........??..........deja vu?.......I'll repeat what I told you ~10 days ago. It's a LUMp of crap. It's lost ~25% of its value during that time.
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    it doesn't matter if it lost 25 % in that time frame. if your trading short term, it doesnt matter. its not like im holding it for my retirement.
  5. There you go gg, sell the news here? Nice gain if you held on. Can't believe this seesawed back North again. I would dump it. Hope you made a killing.
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    another awesome call. sold at 1.74. luckily i held on. but i don't think i will be taking risks like this again. news could have easily turned it the other way round.
  7. God damn, its running in pre-market...Wonder if it fades or some news is released ....
  8. Damn, it got another pop AH. I HAD 5000 shares last week at 1.62 last week and dumped on a small gain.

    Could of gone other way of course. Should taper off tomorrow morning until the next pump news when it flat lines and gets quiet again.
  9. F me in the goat ass. I went againstmy rules and bought this yesterday again at 2.45 for 3000 shares.

    Watched it pre-market and got a cushion at 2.52. It was ready to go either way. Saw it pull back fast and happy to get out with a little profit.

    Really thought it would continue down. No, the whore is at 2.70 and staying strong.
  10. 2.80. This might melt up to 3 very fast.
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