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  3. Not sure about Luke 2: 7-20 but here's a heads up if you want to play the number.


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  4. maybe there is something to the biblical warning against thinking. it destroys illusions. the virgin birth christmas story is a nice childhood story but once you grow up,educate yourself and face reality it should become obvious its all a myth.
    once, through the application of reason and knowledge, we understand that a long held belief is a myth what should we do? do we continue to act like its true and go through the motions every year or do we acknowledge that its just a myth? i guess it all depends if intellectual honesty has any value to you.
    here is an interesting concept. use this christmas educate yourself about the truth.
    The doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus, so central to the traditional Christmas story, was not part of the teaching of the first Christians, whom it should be remembered, also remained within the Jewish faith (Luke 24:52-53). The apostle Paul makes no reference to the virginal conception by the mother of Jesus when speaking of Jesus' origins and divinity. His epistles were written during the 50's A.D. and predate all of the four gospels. Although Paul never met Jesus (who died about 30 A.D.), he personally did know James, the brother of Jesus. Yet despite this eye-witness link to Jesus, Paul apparently knows nothing of the virgin birth, for he states only that Jesus was "born of a woman" (Galatians 4:4) and was "descended from David, according to the flesh" (Romans 1:3), thereby implying a normal birth.
    The Virgin Birth and Childhood
    Mysteries of Jesus
    Biblical scholars have long ago dismissed the literal interpretation of the miraculous virgin-birth of Jesus. Also, many liberal Christian denominations have either quietly purged the curious piece of teaching from their body of philosophy, or conveniently ignore the issue altogether. Despite this, the allure of such an intriguing concept is still very powerful and Jesus' virgin birth continues to enjoy the unquestioning belief of millions of people. The purpose of this essay is to explore the mythological connections between prodigal children in history with an emphasis on the meaning and symbology of virgin birth as it particularly relates to Jesus. In this way Jesus' virgin birth and the mysteries surrounding it will be fully explored in the mythological context from which it derives.


    Matthew 1:18: The virgin conception of Jesus by Mary is an obvious myth. The Gospel of Q does not mention it. St. Paul not only does not mention it, but implies that Jesus' birth was normal. The author of the Gospel probably invented the virgin birth so that the story of Jesus' could compete with the magical conception of many heroes and gods in surrounding Pagan religions: e.g. Horus (circa 1550 BCE), Zoroaster (1000 - 1500 BCE?), Krishna (circa 1200 BCE), Indra (circa 750 BCE), Buddha (circa 600 BCE), Mithra (circa 500 BCE), Quirrnus (circa 550 BCE), Attis (circa 200 BCE), Adonis (born in Bethlehem many centuries before Jesus).
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    obsession [əbˈsɛʃən]
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    3. the act of obsessing or the state of being obsessed
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    In vitro fertilization is the same thing.

    No biggie. The church was ahead of its time. Go figure.
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    No wonder the majority of us have Pee Drinker on ignore. Anything he doesn't understand must be myth. So he makes up his own reality. LOL
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  9. If it weren't for the Christmas gift giving season, the retailers and the economy would tank. [​IMG]
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