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  1. Hi mods,

    why such a d-head even exists on this board for so long?thousand of ''posts'' and nothing but abuses and vomit!i couldn`t even imagin any sort of elite house took this jerk for so long!
  2. ET is a different kind of site. Before starting these kinds of threads it is important to understand the culture of this place. Other sites have very tight moderation. This one has loose moderation. That is not always a bad thing. If you have an issue with a poster, you can address them directly in Politics and Religion, which has almost no moderation.

    Welcome to ET, and enjoy your flight!
  3. this some sort of joke or a troll thread?
  4. ET is very different than TL or T2W or FF. I am aware of people who just do not like the culture fostered here.
  5. Wow, you've only been here a month and you've read thousands of his posts?? Do you have issues with obsession? :D

  6. Lucrum


    1) What was your last alias(s)?

    2) Do you have a specific post(s) in mind you're complaining about?

    3) Ever notice the "Complain" button in the lower right corner of the page?
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Lucrum is one our most prominent members. Just wait until the some of bad ones start posting :D
  8. Do you have any brothers? Perhaps named themagican and ocean5? :D

  9. Yes,but he went off his heat at his age,and will soon get his heart attack by makin acid remarks in 99% of his ''posts''.Someone should at least change him diapers,at times.I doubt he even lifts his butt from the chair.
  10. lol...girls,how great to have you both on ignore:D
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