Lucrum on Ignore = ET has hope

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by deadbroke, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Its like magic. All of a sudden there is no black smoke overhang, the perennial ET-on-the-rag atmosphere is no more.

    Even if there are a few others like him, just the benefit from erasing this one is so staggering as for the effect to last for months, so I'm satisfied.

    Excellent feature, this IGNORE.

    :) :D :D :D :D
  2. Newbies pay attention now ....

    Lucrum is one of the following ....

    (1) Baron himself using the Lucrum alias

    (2) A hired by ET traffic generator - evidence is easy in that watch how he only bumps up certain threads.

    There is only one other possibility remaining, i.e. if not (1) or (2) then

    (3) as a regular poster, a husband's worst nightmare wife.

    Regardless which, he is a turncoat to the wildebeest HERD and when/if realized by the grazers, will be more hated than their eternal and sworn enemy, deadbroke the lion.

    :) :) :D :D :D :D

    I'm inclined to believe its (2) for the nonchalance, a nearby lion notwithstanding ....
  3. Newbies please listen up again - pay serious attention please because I'm going to talk about the COMPARATIVE SCALE .....

    Lucrum has 22 years trading experience - this is for sure as he has stated it clearly, but someplace within ET I have the lingering impression that the 22 is actually 30. I could be wrong, so until verified, let's work with

    Lucrum has 22 years trading experience .....

    Now I don't know about you but when I personally pick someone to teach me or to learn from or to emulate so as to improve my own skills and knowledge, I tend to hunt down and search out the creme de la creme - I mean, a top-notch hunter, one with phenomenal skill, verve and tenacity, one whose power is lubricated by intelligence and largesse.
  4. continued .....

    I say this because when I came to ET in October 2009, I was in awe of the name, "ELITE" - thought to myself, "Lord, if you have answered my prayer to send reinforcements, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart and also (my wife's bottom :) )

    Want proof of the way I felt? Then look at my very first thread and NOTE the level of DEFERENCE I showed to almost everybody.

    Truth is, even IF Lucrum is a realmoney trader he is sooooo low on the COMPARATIVE SCALE that it would be a giant letdown to a beginning student of the capacity such as I was gifted with, to accept such a less than even mediocre by a mile, trader to learn from.
  5. If I wanted to learn to play soccer well, I'd search out, hunt down, befriend and nail an agreement from - a fellow such as Ronaldo when he was in his prime, especially, but even later when the benefit of wisdom from afar would add another dimension to his creative teaching wherewithal.

    Another massive contribution from moderator Ivan (this seems to have totally escaped moderator Saint ElectricSavant :) ) was something to the effect, "I don't come to ET to learn anything"

    special note: if any asshole misconstrues this to mean that I have a problem with ES, you're wrong. ES is a good man, I like his work.
  6. No baby, we the public who came to ET in good faith to improve our trading in leaps and bounds have been thoroughly letdown and shortchanged - I say shortchanged because I for one was always willing and able to PAY handsomely for quality learning forumstyle.

    Want to see how much I fought Baron to bring on such quality?

    From page 4 to 6 I nailed Baron with every closing technique ever discovered - he didn't budge. :) :) :D The Baron gives Intransigence a whole new depth of meaning. :D :D :D
  7. The bottomline

    If you are going to learn something, especially something as important and all-encompassing as markets and trading, why not get the best teacher(s) aka pro traders possible?

    Lucrum and his cronies are soooo way shy of such lofty goals as to be a total rip-off to us who came here in good faith.

    Then and only then can this place be correctly called ELITE.

    peace to all :) :)
  8. If you keep this up, they are going to ban you.:)
  9. In my younger days I met an outstanding swedish gal in Germany and she convinced me to go with her to live in Sweden, but said she, "after one week in Stockholm, I will not answer you if you speak to me in English or German - you've gotta speak Swedish - its for your own limitless future"

    What a gal!!!

    I enrolled in a government school - there were many, many foreigners in my class from so many countries, it was sheer poetry to me.

    One day, a Thai student just could not grasp a vocabulary word - after explaining the concept within the swedish language several times, the Professor (Rolf) gave him the word in his own language (Thai).

    The Thai boy almost fell off his chair. So did I.

    I almost fell off again when it was quickly learned in a private chat that Rolf was proficient in upwards of 24 languages, possibly 30+

    I was in HEAVEN.

    Within a year I was reading Dagens Nyheter a swedish newspaper and conversing at a level that caught every swede's attention. And how did that come about?

    I was definitely a major part of it for I was relentless as a student but the rest was due to Rolf, a teacher creme de la creme, the best of the best.


  10. Its an occupational hazard. :) :)


    02-26-10 02:47 AM

    Quote from deadbroke:

    And you're proud of this NO CHANGE scenario?

    Newbies arrive by the thousands, many die just from the rampant confusion, the few smarter ones split before their post count exceeds 500, the remainder go on to become prolific posters who know the lingo well, can't trade worth a shit but make out like they're successful and the charade goes on and on and on .... same ET, same clowns, only more of them, same game, same complaints ....

    And you're proud of this, baron?

    Hey deadbroke did you get banned for saying this stuff?
    #10     May 22, 2011
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