Lucrum @ 11k+ posts eclipses bylosellhi

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by deadbroke, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. Q.E.D.

    11-16-09 02:44 PM

    Quote from deadbroke:

    An entire thread, 7 pages and counting just to humiliate a fellow poster - you have 6,500 posts, not that far off from bylo's...

    Actually I only have 58.36% as many posts as your buddy buylo. So "not that far off" is...well...pretty far off.


    Like I said, Q.E.D.

    :) :D :D :D :D
  2. Original thread where Lucrum sets himself up nicely is here ....


    Several months absence provides an exterior view of ET aka Retard Central .... nothing's changed. What a waste!

    there is now an indicator that uses pure Ratio Analysis to gauge Retard Central's progress ... and it uses ET's most useless poster, Lucrum in the numerator.

    Lucrum/Baron (divided by) is akin to Nasdaq/S&P500 - the latter when greater than one and rising denotes a bullrun in prices; ditto for the former except that instead of prices, its a bullrun in stupidity.

    One wonders when the govt. will take notice of THIS particular dictator and free the many, many citizens of this constant drone of ignorance and learning nothing continuously. To his credit this particular dictator is benign. :)

    Other dictators like the Mafia bosses and drug lords also make a ton of money off the general pubic, but they at least deliver an excellent product.

    Not this dictator.
  3. Lucrum / Jack Hershey = ForexForex
  4. Your pattern recognition skills suck bro


  5. wasnt referencing a pattern, just a little sodomy among the cognoscenti

  6. current ratio readings ..... :) :D

    Nasdaq / S&P = 2.1

    Lucrum / Baron = 5.9

    So I ask thee thusly, if the Nas/S&P is in a frothy bubble, could it be concluded that Lucrum/Baron is downright Tulip-y?


    additional technical thoughts ..... :)

    the ROC (rate of change) in Lucrum's posts from the 8300 mark to the current > 11k mark in such a short period of time, strongly suggests that this is the acceleration phase of the ratio, Lucrum / Baron - meaning that this wave has a long way to go yet.

    So now that has all been Q.E.D'd it confirms my original premise that Lucrum, when in school, got grace marks and STILL failed.

  7. Behold Lucrum's last 706 posts in the TRADING forum .........

    :) :D :D :) :D :D

    for the uninitiated, click Search, then at search page, type in Lucrum in upper right hand box, leave default "match exact name" as-is, leave all else blank but select Trading from the "seach all open forums drop-down box ... then hit "perform search"

    God help us!!!!!
  8. Lucrum conspicuously absent from the thread, "Math for 12-yr olds" despite the fact that I raised the bar to 12-100 yr-olds.

    In fact this is the ONLY thread in which I posted and Lucrum failed to show up. :) :D :D :D

    Read thru' the thread and the answer is obvious. ET's grandmaster with a 40% following, can't do Math, Trig is an outer space subject. What are the odds that he never graduated from High School?

    But he does talk about some engine he's building from scratch - that design involves considerable Trig, especially Partial Differential Equations and a good deal of Calculus to boot.

    So, this is an open invitation to His Tampon-ificence, Lucrum to solve the question that has stumped everyone at ET for 1.5 years already - any reasonable attempt by Lucrum will be given credit. :) :) :) :)

    10-21-09 06:53 PM

    for 12 -100 yr olds .....

    Try this one - if nobody gets it, answer will be posted 1 yr from today. No hints will be given.

    Starting from first principles and without the use of logarithmic tables, slide rules, computers, calculators etc., prove that

    cot 7.5 degrees = sqrt 2 + sqrt 3 + sqrt 4 + sqrt 6

    i.e. cotangent 7.5 degrees = square root of 2 etc.
  9. You mean ET's favorite web-traffic generating RACIST is over 11,000 posts???
    I'm shocked.

    Figure it out people...

    The owner of this website makes money from people advertising and members clicking on Ads. What better way to increase web-traffic and posting than to have a "Politics & Religion" thread ( which has NOTHING to do with trading the markets ) on a website that calls itself Elitetrader???

    And what better way to increase post counts than to have a "resident" RACIST stirring up the pot???

    Bet the "birther" argument alone made ET at least $15,000 extra over the course of the year. Nice business model you got there Baron.
  10. Lucrum


    Wow, the last time someone lamb basted Baron and his site like that, he got himself banned.
    #10     Apr 28, 2011
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