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    Does ET allow and tolerate forum names to be registered such as a "from a lucky whore"? I am asking because there is a guy in here with the name luckyputanski, which is a Polish-Spanish word mix meaning from a lucky whore. Obviously, he/she is insulting everyone in here when using such vulgarity to post idiotic/random journal entries with a loss of almost 60% in just 8 months since he started. He is probably using some other names too.
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    Alex, I could not find any additional user names tagged to his IP address. The name reflects on him, and his professionalism, and I doubt it was created to offend others. Here in the us, people call others by that name (English translated) often when the continue to stumble upon good luck.
  3. Alexvnew translated = Putz

  4. If all you had to worry about on this site is a nick name called lucky whore, then you should be very happy. So far, I have seen much more obnoxious stuff appear here. ]

    The moderation on this website is so lacking that it encourages this outrageous behavior. People swearing, following others around to purposely harass them, hate speech in the p&r section, and then comes the nudity. While some of my well intentioned posts about shorting Apple and buying BIDU are moved to Chit Chat, the rug-rats run around ET posting their malicious and obnoxious off-topic content.

    Thats just how it is on this website.
  5. I take offense to the nudity accusation. I have never taken my cloths off in ET and do not plan to.

    Thank-You very much....


  6. I ran "luckyputansky" in a screen name generator....

    It could be worse..:eek:
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    Start with your name first pls. How do you translate it? Is it maybe "loser" the proper translation?
  8. You should watch out for Rennick, he knows Bob Polski.

    Bob Polski is the chuck norris of Europe.
  9. I think Polski and Norris may have met their match with this alex...quite a wordsmith :D