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    Im starting my public fx trading journal - anyone interested will find my trades and other thoughts here.

    Briefly about me :)

    Im self directed trader for almost seven years trading spot fx market. I have my own trading system - i gave a name "Lucky coins" for it :) Its a trend following one, based on 6H timeframe with few others addons. 6 main pairs - EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCHF - is my trading instruments.
    No more than 10% margin of funds is in use. Profit target - 3-5% per month.

    So let the market waves will be favorable to me :).

  2. myfxview


    currently I have 2 lots of EURUSD shorts averag. 1.4259 stp@ 1.4349 and 1.4377 . opened @ September 28.
    also the AUDUSD short is hangin - 0.8875 stp @ 0.8981. the same day opened.

    so in my opinion the situation is favorable to look for addin to EURUSD, AUDUSD shorts on moves higher. these pairs are little tired of their bullishness.

    also i m tryin to find good enter to USDJPY long now. stp could be somwhere around 115.
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    ...and we are tired of this kind of BS.
  4. myfxview


    opened long @ 115.65 stp @ 115.
    trgt somewhere between 116.80 - 117.80
  5. myfxview


    the target for EURUSD is shown in my chart picture.
  6. myfxview


    moved my stp to 1.426 on EURUSD

    would like to add my shorts on EURUSD & AUDUSD here at 1.42 & 0.89 respectively (or higher) ... but i exceeded my 10% margin limit already.

    USDJPY doing fine also. if it holds above 116 for today my target is question of time. :0)
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    we should attack and break this pink dot-line :) soon..
  8. myfxview


    moved usdjpy stp to the 115.3

    anyone interested may buy USDCAD and USDCHF now - they will lift at least 100 pips IMHO.
  9. myfxview


    nice job ... 100 pips in pocket with usdjpy already. just waiting for further up...
  10. myfxview


    possible targets for usjpy I see 117.10 and 118.3 now - see my picture below.

    and for EURUSD -as I wrote earlier -1.4 or slightly above is critical place in my opinion. then we can see some upward attempts...
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