Lucky Charms?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nutmeg, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Anyone use a lucky charm? A rabbits foot? A ritual, superstition, while trading?
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    When trading Es, if i take a long i will position the cursor on a higher number on the dom or a lower if i take a short. I will also draw a horizontal line on the chart where I want it to go.
  3. If someone resorts to things like this, it is time to find a new pasttime. Luck and trading have nothing to do with each other, The market doesn't move because someone casts chicken bones, wears a lucky shirt, or hasn't washed his hands since the last good trade...
  4. I'd be willing to bet more people do so than admit to it. Cramer had a lucky shirt I believe. Office decor, etc contributes to a performing environment. What would be the one thing you couldn't trade without if you were out of your environment. I'm sure most people would have a non essential.
  5. czech moldavites:)
  6. Anything a trader uses to keep himself in a positive mental state should not be discarded as a foolish act.
  7. LOL!!! :D :p :cool: :D

    A horizontal line? You want the ES to churn sideways after you enter a position?

    Perhaps you mean diagonal?