Luck Compilation 2010

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  1. The pilots who landed their planes safely demonstrated skill, luck was minimal.

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    Holy crap.

    1- The guy who gets out of his car just before an identified thing lands on it.
    2- The guy who falls 2 times on the rails
    3-The cops, because they are good at identifying bankrobbers running to their car.
  3. TraDaToR


    A special mention to the skier for the craziest cliff ever attempted.
  4. bkveen3


    Appreciate the post. Me and my friends enjoyed the clips.
  5. Since I was taken off track anyways scratching todays productivity thought I would share this

    Interesting about luck,

    The other day something happened to me that was less probable then the above !

    While shuffling a deck of cards I had a look at them. the sequence was :

    2 harts, 6 diamonds k diamonds 3 spades ....

    Odds of that ? I read it is the same as picking an single atom out of all the universe. unfortunately I'm still stuck here trying to decode the markets to make a buck
  6. crazyness just saw the video !
  7. These vids are good too.

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