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    Good day all :)

    I'm new here, and I'm new in the market as well.
    (please forgive my english, as english is my second language)

    A little bit on my bg:
    I was first introduced into derivative trading around 4 months ago.
    I then decided to join some seminars regarding options and futures.

    For options, I have done some simulation with optionsxpress for 3 months with roughly 11 percent return (out of 10,000 capital) I was up to almost 20% actually, but because of some "experimentation" it went down. I mostly long short term, based on momentum. (hit some "jackpot" with apple, sbux, yum, wmt) I usually hold my position no longer than a month.

    But upon my own review...I probably was just lucky...starting on earning releases month ^^; plus playing it virtually, so emos are almost non-existant during the 3 mths period.

    For futures, I've decided to just participate in trades that met criterias lined during the seminar I joined. I've done a couple of paper trading, and it looks promising. I guess by doing this i will only hold roughly one month most of the time.

    I've decided to join in the market with real money, starting small. Today I just applied to open an account with IB. As i trade, I'll do my best to update this journal to get some feedback :)

    So before my first real trade, I am looking for some...wisdom...from ppl who have many experience in the market. Any volunteer to help this newbie? :)

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    I just finished reading BULL! by Maggie Mahar.
    What a great read it was!
    I've learned a LOT by just reading this book.
    Warren Buffet was right.
    I highly recommend it :)

    next book to finish is "5 rules to successful stock investing" by Pat Dorsey. Its supposed to be a very nice book as well.