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  1. Why does LU move in such a tight range but yet has 36 mil volume today? This is one stock i've not followed in a few years, but geeze.... SNDK can have a range of 49 - 51.46 on 12 mil vol...

  2. Chagi


    Probably has a great deal to do with the roughly 4.4 billion shares outstanding for LU.
  3. plugger


    Rebate traders. Same as JDSU or any other low priced crap stock.
  4. ah.. the days from when they handed out stock like a vendor handing out hats at a convention.....
  5. A $50 stock should have a wider range than a $3 stock.....this is just a hunch I have.

    A ten cent range is 3.4% of LU's closing price.
  6. ig0r


    Track pays 0.002 for adding, INET pays 0.0009 for removing
  7. mnx


    you're right my bad... but I don't think it's a factor...
  8. Search the P/L journal for mksummy...
    he scalped LU , i think he alone did few millions LU a day
  9. BankBank


    i don't think anyone is making a living trading LU for rebates.

    10 pennies on 5k shares is a decent living.
  10. Or 1 penny on 200k shares a couple times a day a la mksumnny
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