LU. What's Next??

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  1. LU, the nightmare of all dollar cost averaging small investors is now at 1 buck.. I think this company has caused more losses than WCOM, Global Crossing and Enron but no one mentions that in the media....

    There is speculation now that Lucent's revenue will fall below Nortel (NT) and NT is trading at 90 cents a share... What is the future of this stock??? Its amazing to think that this coorporate conglomarte had over 110k employees at one time...

    I would like to hear your thoughts on the future of this company and the stock....
  2. idunno about the future, but the past is amazing. I remember when it was just 'The Phone Company.' ATT was once the grand daddy American company. It was a benevolent monopoly -- unbeatable service and equipment at affordable rates.

    It was so sad to watch it spin off Bell Labs, and have ATT turn in to a cheap, pushy sales outfit that resorted to lying and 'slamming' people.

    Then LU keeps spinning of pieces in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. My sister started at LU (after beginning her career at DEC -- at least she didn't work at Wang) and has been spun out at least once. Now with 'Avaya,' whatever that means.

    I too am eager to find out if this company has any tangible assets....but, can we trust the numbers? Love to know if NT is a real, going concern, too. They keep releasing headlines about getting deals in China...
  3. Yeah, I know sad times for investing in ATT. At least, I like the CALL-ATT commercials, they're a lot better than 1-800-COLLECT.
  4. No, it's LU the nightmare of covered call writers.
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    I think Avaya is shorthand for "Avaya Con Dios" and that's where LU is headed IMHO. Maybe a takeover by ?????
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    To me, it is amazing how fast that company went from blue chip to dog.

    Three years ago that stock was mentioned along side GE, KO, MSFT, etc. One of those company's that no broker felt foolish recommending to client. I would hate to be explaining debacles like that! :eek:
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    NT I believe owns Netgear. FWIW, Netgear makes terrific products that are competitively priced - and the tech support is terrific.

  8. I used to work for LU. They used to be a great company, but they were destroyed by corrupt top management that are no longer with the company. LU ran out of cash in January 2001. They have been living on credit lines and new bond offerings and selling assetts ever since. They are hopelessly buried in debt. Takeover is not realistic given that nobody wants to take on that debt, and there is no reason not to wait for them to declare bankruptcy and pay pennies on the dollar.

    NT an LU in their current forms are almost identical to each other and both are looking at bankruptcy.
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    What's next for LU and NT? Bankruptcy. That's what the charts say.
  10. I saw some nut analyst on NBR a few weeks ago suggest that
    LU and CIEN were great bets in the long run. I didn't believe him...
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