"ltmdmnt.sys"... Lucent Modem.. XP Crash

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. gnome


    Recent XP OS patch => BSOD crash.

    Problem isolated to Lucent WinModem and its driver.

    Easiest solution is to replace modem.

    Went to Best Buy and bought a "Broadxent" cheapo modem... Creative Sound Blaster makes it. Driver is "ESS Technologies"... who the Hell ever heard of them??

    A few years back I made an emergency run to Best Buy for a modem for my W98 trader... Got a cheapo with ESS driver...

    The ESS modem has run flawlessly for 5 years and is the fastest dial-up I've got. Probably cost $10 last time... $20 after rebate this time. (I've got a $100 US Robotics modem that runs slower)

    Thanks to all who offered input!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  2. Glad to see things back in line. :)
  3. Bsulli


    ESS Technologies is a major player as an OEM to folks like IBM and Dell.

    Good to hear your all fixed up.