Lt. Col. Says Afghanistan Is Lost

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    I spent last year in Afghanistan, visiting and talking with U.S. troops and their Afghan partners. My duties with the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force took me into every significant area where our soldiers engage the enemy. Over the course of 12 months, I covered more than 9,000 miles and talked, traveled and patrolled with troops in Kandahar, Kunar, Ghazni, Khost, Paktika, Kunduz, Balkh, Nangarhar and other provinces.

    What I saw bore no resemblance to rosy official statements by U.S. military leaders about conditions on the ground.

    Entering this deployment, I was sincerely hoping to learn that the claims were true: that conditions in Afghanistan were improving, that the local government and military were progressing toward self-sufficiency. I did not need to witness dramatic improvements to be reassured, but merely hoped to see evidence of positive trends, to see companies or battalions produce even minimal but sustainable progress.

    Instead, I witnessed the absence of success on virtually every level.

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    Would this be the Commander-in-Chief's responsibility?
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    That's where the buck stops.

    Well, except for a few trillion of them that went right on out the door to his buddies.
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  5. More likely he's expanding his repertoire.
  6. I think we all knew Afghanistan was lost...